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Sermons from Matthew - 001 Why Your Past Doesn't Matter to God - Matthew 1:1-17

The Gospel of Matthew is the story of The King. Throughout this amazing book, we see Jesus teach, heal, and minister, with every story pointing to that one inescapable truth, Jesus is the King. Matthew begins with the lineage of the King. Unfortunately many preachers and teachers will give only a brief mention or a cursory reference to Jesus's lineage. They might mention that He was descended from Abraham or David. They might bring out the point that the lineage listed in Matthew and Luke differ and tell us why. (Matthew's lineage is considered by most to be Joseph's lineage, while the lineage in Luke is thought to be Mary's line.) Most won't, however, stop long enough to bring out the underlying message found in this opening passage. Matthew 1:1-17 is a brief glance at Jesus's legal line, in that legally He was the son of Joseph, though not biologically, due to His virgin birth. The line records the significant players in the story of the Jews, taking us from Abraham, through David, through Joseph, to Jesus. The story, however, that speaks to me most, is not just the "greats" in Jesus's line, but the entirety of Jesus's line. Jesus Christ was descended from great people, godly people, common people, evil people, truthfully, all kinds of people. All make up His line. All make up the story of the Gospel. All make up the story of the King.

Here is the first Outline in my study of The Gospel of Matthew:

Why your Past doesn't’ matter to God!

Matthew 1:1-17

July 28, 2002

I. Intro

A. Personal Illustration

1. My Great Great Grandfather was Henry Perry Treas. He was born April 26, 1869. He died on July 25, 1903, of rabies, after being bitten by a stray dog. He was 34 years old. His oldest son, my Great Grandfather, John William Treas, was 7 the day his Daddy died. His life changed forever. They were poor before his father died, they were even poorer after. Henry's wife, after the loss of her husband, found herself forced to hand wash other peoples clothes for a living, just to survive. It was a desperate situation. It was a hard life. It made John William Treas a hard man. This one tragic event changed one child's life forever. His life impacted his daughter, my Grandmother's life. Her life changed mine. What happened between each life is the real story. A single tragedy impacted a child's life, well into adulthood. The effects of that same tragedy, a generation later made for a difficult early life for my Grandmother. Out of that difficulty, rose a living and vibrant Christian faith. My Grandmother chose to take a different path than her father. My Grandmother made all the difference in my life. My Grandmother was not bound by her families past, neither was Jesus Christ, neither are you! Let's take a look at Jesus's family past, lets take a look at that story.

B. Jesus Genealogy

Abraham: Covenant Man

Isaac: Miracle Baby

Jacob: Birthright Thief

Judah: Incest with Daughter-in-law

Rahab: Prostitute listed in Hall of Faith

Ruth: Gentile, Gr/GM of King David

David: King, Adulterer, Liar, Murderer, but Man after God’s Own Heart

Solomon: Wisest Man but played the fool with sin

The Kings: Some of worst, mixed with best

The Nobodys: Unknown, but important enough to be included

Joseph: Poor Carpenter

Mary: Pregnant Teenager

Jesus: Poor Infant, yet the Son of God

II. Body

A. Call to Come

1. Anyone may come, regardless of past!

a) Rahab was a prostitute Joshua 2:1,9-13

2. Anyone may come, regardless of race!

b) Ruth was a Moabite Ruth 1:4

B. Call to Repent

1. Anyone may come, but they must confess and turn from their sin!

a) David was not perfect, but forgiven!

C. Call to Choose

1. Anyone may come, but each must choose!

a) Josiah chose God! 2 Kings 22:1-2, 23:25

III. Closing

A. God’s Call: Come!

“"Not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”"

2 Peter 3:9a

“"Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth."”
1 Timothy 2:4

“"Whosoever will may come”"
Romans 10:13

B. God’s Call: Confess and turn from sin!

“"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. " 1 John 1:9

C. God’s Call: Choose Christ!

Romans 10:9-13

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