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Sermons from Matthew 003- "Fools and Wise Men"

The birth of Christ has become so much a part of children's programs and Christmas cantatas that Christians have lost the awe and the wonder of this miraculous event. Sometimes we as believers need to step back and take a fresh look at the "all too familiar" or our faith and ask God to open the story to us with "fresh eyes". The birth of Christ leads men to become either fools or wise men. Which will you be?

Fools and Wise Men”

Matthew 2:1-12

August 11, 2002

I. Intro

A. The Birth of Christ: The Scene.

B. The Birth of Christ: The Symbolism.

1. The Manger Birth: His Humility

2. The Shepherd’s Presence: God’s call to the Least.

3. The Wise Men’s Pilgrimage: God’s call to the Gentiles

C. The Wise Men’s Pilgrimage.

1. Look closely & carefully.

2. Look deeper than before.

3. Gain a new perspective.

II. Body

A. The Way of the Wise.

1. Note Where they Came. V1a

a) “Bethlehem” - (Hebrew) - “house of bread”

John 6:35, 47-51

2. Note Who Came. V1b

a) “Wise Men” - (Greek) - Magi or Magoi

b) How many? (Trad.: Casper, Malchior, Balthasar)

c) Who? Magi - A scholarly priestly cast of educated men. Studied

nature, astrology, & medicine. Advisors and counselors to kings.

d) Where from?“East” - probably from Persia, familiarwith Daniel & the

3. Note Why they Came . V2

a) Why? - seeking “he” - “King of the Jews”

- They had “seen his star”

- “to worship him”

B. The Way of the Fools.

1. They were Troubled! V3

a) Herod - an Edomite, Vanity or Threat?

b) Jerusalem - Jews, Romans, war? - stayed away!

2. They were Uninformed! 4-6

3. They were Unmoved! V7-8

C. The Differences in their ways.

1. They Followed their Guide! V9

2. They Rejoiced at finding the King! V10

3. They Worshipped the King! V11a

4. They Gave their best! V11b

a) Gold - a gift to a king.

b) Frankincense - sweet incense offered to a God!

c) Myrrh - used for embalming the dead!

III. Closing

A. Are you a light to guide men to Christ?

B. Are you wise or a fool?

1. Will you be guided? 2. Will you rejoice?

3. Will you worship Him? 4. Will you give your best?

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