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A Study in the Psalms - A Godly Man - Psalm 1

We live in an age when the biblical view of manhood and fatherhood is ignored, ridiculed, and rejected. Psalm 1 offers us God's blueprint, His "How to Guide" on not only being a Godly man, but on staying a Godly man. A powerful contrast is given between the Godly and the Ungodly man. Few passages of scripture offer such sharp and concise wisdom on surviving and thriving in the wicked world around us.

A Study in the Psalms: A Godly Man

Psalm 1

June 15, 2005

I. Intro

A. The State of Fatherhood.

1. In the Media

2. In the Government

3. In the Home

B. What God expects from a Man.

1. A right relationship with the world.

2. A right relationship with the Lord.

II. Body

A. His Relationship with the World.

Ex. Contrasting Characteristics of Godly VS UnGodly.

* “Blessed”- Lit. Spiritually Prosperous, Happy! VS “ungodly” “sinners” “scornful”

1. Is not led by the world. V1

a) “walketh not”- both physically and spiritually

b) “counsel”- Advice

c) “ungodly”- wicked or living in sin

2. Is not found among the world. V1

a) “standeth”- stationary or found

b) “way”- path or found

c) “sinners”- lawless ones

Ex. Immoral Places.

3. Is not among those who mock God . V1

a) “sitteth”- idea is permanence

b) “seat” -their place of mocking

c) “scornful”- to scorn or mock

Ex. Schools, Churches, Groups

Ex. Note Downward Spiral.

Walking - Around them

Standing - Among them

Sitting - At Home w/ them

B. His Relationship with the Lord.

1. His Delight. V2

2. His Habit. V2

III. Closing

A. The Success of the Godly Man.

1. He will stand strong! V3

2. He will bear fruit! V3

3. He will survive! V3

4. He will prosper! V3

a) “prosper” – lit. “to push forward”

A. The Contrast of the Ungodly Man.

1. His Instability! V4

2. His Life’s Fruit! V5

3. His Final Destination! V6

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